Quartz Conslab

05 unique collections with main aggregate of pure Quartz and other valuable materials such as Natural Gemstone, Crystal, Natural Colored Stone, ... combined with INORGANIC coupling agent - The characteristic difference can be found at Quartz Conslab.

With neutral tones such as white, gray, beige,…, Khang Minh Quartz Conslab Classic lead you to the space of sophisticated, elegant and full of contemporary inspiration. Moreover, these color are easy to combine with other materials and interior products, suitable for all application of residential structures and commercial constructions.
Classic Plus
Having said that, Khang Minh Quartz Conslab Classic Plus is an interesting variation of the Classic collection. Each Classic Plus product is intermixed with one unique natural color stone, which is an impressive feature but not breaking the sophisticated overall of the Classic. Quartz Conslab Classic Plus opens a relaxing, emotional living space with various tones of peace: turquoise, Serpentine green, color of sunset or the truly autumn day…
Inspired by Crystal, which is fragile, pure and always attractively sparkling, Quartz Conslab Crystal embodies the romance of living space. Conslab Quartz Crystal conquers users by the hidden values of “Made in Italy” crystal beads: eradicating sorrow from sweet pink, energetic sunshine yellow, powerful red or gentle blue crystal of hope ...
Quartz Conslab Premium with the spontaneous creativity but surprising harmony between two natural colored stones on an elegant white background that is a reflection of our youth: different and beautiful.
Vigorous energy from natural gemstone| In Eastern culture, Gemstones are worshipped as a huge treasure that contains many values, associated with the “feng shui” principles in which believed that each stone brings positive energy and good luck among the owner. Nowadays, Khang Minh is the pioneer in Vietnam in the application of the most popular natural gemstones such as Citrine, Amethyst, Aventurine... into the slab that becoming valuable experience and bold culture.